Chi siamo

Momentum Estates is a licenced real estate agency based in Rijeka, Fiorella la Guardie 10b. Area of work includes properties in Kvarner and Istria region, but according to the needs of our clients, we offer real estate from all over Croatia and abroad.

The idea, the desire, the need, are the starting point of every sale or purchase of real estate. On this path, along the way, you may encounter many unfamiliarities and uncertainties and that is why we are here to help you. Great photography, presentation, marketing, are the initial steps to reach the best "audience" for your property, and that is what our work is all about.

Offering market insight, with our many years of experience and knowledge, we guide buyers and sellers through every aspect of the buying and selling process. Among other things, this includes presentation, promotion, negotiations, legal advice, financial and credit advisors, real estate planning and designer tips in order to make the deal happen and close as quickly and as possible to everyone’s satisfaction. We also make an effort to help with designing and decorating tips after the purchase so that you can bring your vision to life in the new property.

In life, as well as in the real estate business, it is all about choosing the right moment, and that moment for you is Momentum Estates. Your house is your reflection, and among our properties you will find the ideal one for you.

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